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  1. Our Classes
  2. Year Two 2020/21

Class Teacher - Miss Millington

TA - Mr Johnson

What a fantastic half term we have had since returning on the 8th March. 

I am very proud of all the class, they have taken it all in their stride and shown great resilience. 

We have had a great time back at school learning about Australia and enjoying fractions!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to come and ask.

Please enjoy our Easter song - Spring Chicken!


Please have a look at our curriculum map for Summer. These show the topics we will be covering this term. 


We have really enjoyed learning about Australia. We have looked at where it is in the world, how many states and territories there are and what they are called, the weather, the landmarks and the animals. I know that the children have been telling their parents all about it and have remembered lots of facts. Some children have been independently finding out facts about the country and I have heard that some children have asked their parents if they can go there........Sorry! We also looked at Aboriginal Art and how they used dots to paint. We then painted our own pieces of Aboriginal art using one of the Australian Animals.

Have a look at our display, we really enjoyed writing out non-chronological reports and painting the flags!


 We had lots of fun writing a traditional tale with a twist. We looked at Little Red Riding Hood as a class and came up with a twist for the ending. We then used Jack and the beanstalk to write our own tales with a twist. We had some good giants that made friends with Jack and we had some different creatures at the top of the beanstalk. We had unicorns, spiders and bats! 

We then wrote out our traditional tales with a twist in neat and put them on display in the clouds.


Please have a look at our curriculum map for Spring. These show the topics we will be covering this term. 

 Our Reading Reef

We have turned our homebay into an underwater reading reef where we can go and read a story after we have finished our work. We have made an octopus and have all painted fish for the reef. There are cushions and little chairs to make it comfy. We hope you enjoy our Reading Reef as much as we do!

We also use our reading reef to read our class novel together at the end of each day. 

Our class novel for is the Ikabog written by J K Rowling


Please have a look at our curriculum maps for Autumn. These show the topics we will be covering this term

The Great Fire of London

We have really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London this term. We have written some fantastic diaries about the fire. We included information about where the fire started, how it spread so quickly, how it was stopped and how people felt during the fire. We also painted London. We used water colours to mix the colours in the sky and the fire. We then used black card to cut out a London skyline. Have a look at some of our diaries and London fire scenes below.

Staying Safe Charter

All the children are now used to the new routines within the classroom and at playtimes. If you need a reminder please have a look at our staying safe charter below.

Our Infant Harvest Festival 

Here is a copy of our Infant Harvest Festival. 

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have done some poems and songs. Please download the document to see the children in action