Welcome to Year Two

Class Teacher - Miss Millington


I hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are ready to go! 


If you have any questions please come and ask.

Summer Term Topics 2019

WW2 - The life of an evacuee

Our Local Area - Maps

Animals and their habitats - mini beasts


Writing Stories and Poems


Our Reading Reef

We have turned our homebay into an underwater reading reef where we can go and read a story after we have finished our work. We have made an octopus and have all painted fish for the reef. There are cushions and little chairs to make it comfy. We hope you enjoy our Reading Reef as much as we do!

We also use our reading reef to read our class novel together at the end of each day.


Our class novel for the Summer Term is THE BFG written by Roald Dahl 


Science - Animals and their habitats

We have started our topic about animals and their habitats. We have had a look at the habitat that we have in our school - a woodland habitat. We discussed what different animals you could find in a woodland and decided which ones we had in our woodland. We then went on a hunt to find some of these animals. We mostly found mini beasts. We loved searching for them and having a closer look using our magnifying glasses. We found ants, spiders, bees, worms, snails, beetles and caterpillars. While the mini beasts were in the bug catchers we used them to draw detailed pictures. 


We have been looking at the Great Fire of London. We looked at a timeline and and sequenced the events. 

We wrote a diary as if we were there. We looked at our senses and used these to help us add detail to our diary. 

We made a piece of art work to show what we thought the fire looked like. We used water paints to mix a night sky and then cut out a silhouette of the houses. We then added fire to them.


We have started looking at the UK.

We now know the four countries that make up the UK and we know their capitals. We have researched different landmarks in the UK and we have chosen our favourite. We made a fact file about our favourite landmark in the UK. We have also built some of the landmarks in the UK.

We have really enjoyed learning about the UK. Some of us have made posters and flags in our own time! 



We have been looking at writing familiar stories with a twist. We have used fairy tales to help us achieve this. We have been changing the setting and the characters in the stories. 

We have been making sure our punctuation is correct and that our spellings are using our sounds. 

We have been using adjectives to describe our setting and make it more interesting.


We have been looking at different materials and their uses. We conducted an experiment to find the best material to make wellies for Elmer. We all made a prediction and we then carried out the task with Miss Millington. We discovered that rubber was the best material as it was waterproof. The paper ripped and the cotton got all wet inside. We decided we didn't want wet feet!!

As part of our topic we went on a school trip to MOSI.

We looked for different materials in the Air and Space Area and the Steam Area. We then had fun in the experiment area with different materials and exploring the materials.

We learnt how cotton was made and found out that it grew on a plant. We then watched it being made and looked at how they made it stronger by adding twists into it.


We have been looking at different ways of making the same number using our knowledge of place value.

We used the 10s and then 1s to make the numbers and to see what we have.

We then used greater than and less than to compare the numbers that we had with each other.

We are also looking at our number bonds to 10 and 20. We are using them to help up mentally add and subtract. 

We can add and subtract two 2 digit numbers by using our number bonds and column addition.

We are beginning to use our knowledge of times tables to help us solve division sums.