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World Book Day 2020


The children and staff all took part in World Book Day on the 5th March this year. 

The theme was fairy tales and it was wonderful to see so many children come dressed up as character from fairy tales. 

A big thank you goes out to the children, staff and parents for taking part and following the theme so well!

Have a look below at some of our children and some of the work they did on world book day. See if you can find any characters you know and which fairy tales are they from?



Reception brought in their favourite books and discussed the character’s in them. They also spoke about why they had chosen that book as their favourite. They drew their own book covers for their books. they then  designed their own fairy tale castle and wrote sentences to describe it. Well done Reception!




Year One

Year one wrote their own fairy tales. They used a dice to decide the setting, character, problem and solution. Using their plan they then wrote their fairy tales out. They thoroughly enjoyed leaving the decisions up to the roll of the dice. It made for some really interesting stories. Well done Year One!



Year Two

Year two wrote their own acrostic poems about the character that they had come dressed as. They had to describe their character, quite tricky when some of them had long names! They also wrote a traditional tale with a twist. They changed the ending to the three little pigs. The made their own twist on the story and had to use their own imagination. Well done Year Two!



Year Three

Year three had to build a gingerbread man by rolling multiples with a dice. Only one child made a full gingerbread man! They then read the gingerbread man two and discussed what happened in the story. They made wanted posted from the point of view of the foxes family. They designed alternative book covers for their favourite book. Finally they decorated gingerbread men and ate them! Well done Year 3!



Year Four

 Year four designed their own book day ticket. They looked at what a ticket needed and then designed their own. They also then wrote alternative endings to a fairy tale. They looked at what a fairy tale needed and came up with their own ending. Well done year four! 



Year Five

Year five put on a performance of Little Red Riding Hood with a twist. They all had to learn their parts and put it all together in an afternoon! They really enjoyed acting out the story and gave some of us a fright with their ending - it was certainly a twist! Well done Year Five!



Year Six

Year six wrote a fairy tale from scratch. They all provided some of the fairy tale and built it up line by line as a class. The thought about the setting and the characters. They then all learnt a line or two each and read their story to the school. All the children closed their eyes so they could imagine the story. Well done Year Six!