School Council News: Autumn 2018

Elections are currently taking place to vote in our new School Council!




The first meeting will be after the Half Term holiday, where we will be welcoming the newly elected council members. During our first meeting, your School Council will be taking a walk around school with Mrs Tomlinson and suggesting the areas we can work on this year. Make sure you give your representatives your ideas.


Playground Pal News!

After the Half Term holidays, your new Playground Pals will be ready to help you to make playtimes happy, safe and active for everyone in school. Year Six have been undertaking training in P.E. to help them with great new games to share with you.


Make sure you help them by playing fairly, listening to your instructions and waiting your turn!


Let's make playtime fun...for EVERYONE!




The School Council welcomes ideas and suggestions from the children of Thornham St James. Please post useful and sensible suggestions in the  'Suggestion Box', currently situated outside the Year Six classroom. Remember to include your name and class. Or better still, speak to your school council members who are able to represent your views at each meeting.