Preparing for the Wider Opening of Schools


As we begin to welcome back more pupils, we would like to share some resources that may help parents and  children to prepare for their return to school.

Below you will find our Staying Safe Charter which outlines the routines that we will follow in order to stay as safe as we can at this time. There is also a short video entitled 'While We Can't Hug' which can help children understand the tricky concept of social distancing.



To prepare for the re-opening of school for further groups of children, this is what your child's classroom could look like in order to maintain social distancing. This is obviously very different to what your child will remember their classroom to be like, particularly for Reception.You may need to prepare them for this change, just in case we are able to extend the re-opening to all three year groups over the next few weeks. 

Reception Classroom

The KS1 Area

Year 6 Classroom

Click here to view the social distancing video, 'While We Can't Hug' 

One of the main changes to our usual routines will be reduced class sizes. Children may hear these smaller groups referred to as 'Bubbles'. This short story might help children to understand this change and help to address and concerns they may have.

Here's how we are all going to keep our hands super-clean!