Ilam Hall Residential 2017


Year Six have just come back from their residential trip to Ilam Hall in Derbyshire. They have had a fantastic time in the Ilam Hall grounds, completing the Dovedale walk and going in Poole's Cavern. Take a look at our pictures to see what we got up to.


On the Wednesday we took part in some team building challenges. We had four challenges which were

  • The Ski Walk
  • The Lava River
  • The Gutter Roll
  • The Coloured Wires

We were split into teams and each team worked with a different teacher. We had to complete the challenges working as a team and as quickly and effectively as we could. Once we completed them they were made harder for us.

The Ski Walk - we had to get on our skis and walk to the other cones. Easy right? NO! We had to work together to lift our feet at the same time to enable the skis to move. There were 3/4 children on each set of skis

The Lava River - We had 5 stones and 7 children. All the children needed to get to the other side of the river without touching the lava. If we let go of one of the stones then it was taken away!! When we made it we then lost a stone and had to get across with 4, then just 3 stones!! 

The Gutter Roll - We had to get the tennis ball or ping pong ball down the segments of gutter and into a bucket. Each child had a segment of gutter, once we had the ball in our gutter we couldn't move our feet. 

The Coloured Wires - We had to fix the puzzles by connecting the correct coloured wires in the right order. This one needed one of us to call out the colours in the right order and then the rest of us to find them.

On the Wednesday afternoon we went round the back of the hall to look for some mini-beasts. We found lots of them hiding in the logs and under the stones. We used the information sheets we were given to work out what the mini-beasts were once we had found them.

We then looked at where we found the mini-beasts and what sort of conditions they liked to live in. After we made our own mini-beast houses.

On the Thursday we went for a walk up the hill and across the fields. We then dropped down into Milldale for our dinner. After this we walked along the river through the Dovedale valley looking at the different rock formations and enjoying the sunshine!!